Formula 1 / Motorsport

We have a track record of providing rapid response engineering solutions to Formula 1 teams and Motorsports during testing stages, prior to the start of racing.

Working with customer Non-Disclosure Agreements, our precision engineering work for Formula 1 / Motorsport customers conforms to the following manufacturing quality certifications:


Fast Turnaround

We have supported Formula 1 teams with the fast turnaround manufacturing of components to support track testing at the start of the season which is extremely time critical.

Design and Manufacture

Design, manufacture and reverse engineering of bespoke parts. Design and manufacture of conrods for Motorbike racing in the Dakar Rally.

Precision Machining

Machining of precision chassis mounting points from fabricated assemblies.

Crankshaft Repair

Reverse engineering, repair and refurb of crankshafts.

Cylinder Head

Cylinder Head porting for the airflow on a speedway bike.

Engine Blocks

Complete design and manufacture of A+5 engine blocks in aluminium for classic cars.