A&M has extensive experience in innovating in the design and manufacture of complex components and prototypes for aerospace Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM’s) including components for MRO (Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul) projects and aftermarket.


Our aerospace manufacturing expertise includes:


Working with customer Non-Disclosure Agreements, our precision engineering work for aerospace customers conforms to the following manufacturing quality certifications:

Electrical Discharge Machining

Using wire erosion Electrical Discharge Machining to remove the material build on additive manufactured aerospace parts, requiring micron critical tolerances.

Inconel Super Alloys

Manufacturing intricate aerospace components in a range of materials including super alloys, such as inconel which combines strength, resistance to temperature extremes with weight reduction. Inconel’s strength and resistance poses major machining challenges requiring high cutting forces and skilled operation to avoid damaging tools.

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

We worked in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre in Sheffield in 2020 to develop inconel machining techniques; we mastered the machining of hundreds of complex Inconel aerospace components.

UAV Rotary Engines

OEM Design for Manufacture

Working as partners with an aerospace OEM on various designs for manufacture projects and manufactured assembly tooling for aerospace production.


Rotary Engine Propulsion Systems

Experience of working with rotary engine propulsion systems.