Super Alloy Machining

A&M have experience in the intricate machining of super alloys such as Inconel and Titanium. Inconel is a high-strength superalloy resistant to corrosion, high pressure and extreme temperatures. These characteristics make Inconel an ideal choice for use in extreme environments such as aerospace and marine with its resistance to salt.

For aerospace engine applications it is essential to use materials such as Inconel with the ability to retain strength and resist corrosion under the extreme temperatures.

Inconel alloys are ideal for use in a wide range of aerospace components such as bolts, casings, rings, spacers, sheet metal parts and a multitude of components for turbine engines.

However, Inconel’s strength and resistance poses major challenges for machining, which requires high cutting forces and skilled operation to avoid breaking the tools.

We worked in partnership with the Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) in Sheffield to develop our machining techniques. This enabled us to master the machining of complex aerospace components in Inconel.

Super Alloy Machining

Super Alloy Machining Frequently Asked Questions

A superalloy is used for situations where high-performance and temperature equipment is necessary. Where other alloys would melt, super alloy would be able to continue. The likes of rocket and jet engines need superalloy. Power plants and other areas of the oil and gas industry apply superalloy.