Good news for the long term future of engineering skills.

A&M feature in the Next Gen Makers Prospectus, encouraging young people in the West Midlands to work in the engineering and manufacturing sector. Great work by Adam Tipper & sponsors MSC Industrial Supplies.

next gen makers 2 500 Next Generation Makers Prospectus featuring A&M

Next Gen Makers is an innovative private sector initiative in the West Midlands that organises and facilitates activity to enable Engineering and Manufacturing firms to inspire more young engineers into their workforce and their sector.

Our mission is to help our member companies to ‘inspire the next generation of makers’ in local Colleges and Secondary Schools and successfully engage students in positive experiences with employers – our ‘Champions’.

Next Gen Makers enables engineering employers to achieve this, through organised and facilitated events with local Colleges and Schools such as Factory Visits, Work Experience, Careers Talks, Speaker Opportunities and managed recruitment.

Our Champions recognise that it is business critical to future proof their workforce and that they have a responsibility to inspire and engage the next generation into their business and industry.

There is no better way to discover a future apprentice and inspire the next generation of makers.

The West Midlands faces a shortage of around 20,000 young engineers every year.

The region is home to over 25,000 Engineering and Manufacturing firms that form crucial supply chains for the aerospace, automotive, medical, defence and built environment sectors amongst others. It is also home to a thriving advanced manufacturing sector and whilst being the birthplace of the first Industrial Revolution, is well placed to lead the fourth iteration, Industry 4.0.

Engineering and manufacturing is the life blood of the UK economy and a significant wealth creator: it generates 23% of UK turnover, employs 5.6 million people and produces most of our global exports.

However, engineering skills remain in short supply and for too long the West Midlands’ manufacturing sector has struggled to attract and retain the best young talent, due to widespread lack of awareness of the variety of exciting career opportunities that exist and outdated perceptions of the sector.

Next Gen Makers exists to change this. We work with our partner Colleges and Schools to create a platform for engineering employers, our ‘Champions’, to engage and inspire young local people via organised and facilitated events such as Factory Visits, Work Experience, Careers Talks, Speaker Opportunities and more.