3D Scanning/Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering begins with a final product and works backwards through the design and manufacturing processes.

Reverse Engineering Process

The reverse engineering process identifies the dimensional specifications of a physical object using an accurate 3D scanner.

Data accuracy is essential to achieve the exact specification and quality of the original.

Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Reverse engineering and 3D laser scanning are the most efficient ways to create a CAD (Computer Aided Design) model from a physical object of any kind by merging scanning data & CMM to create working CAD.

3D laser scans provide a precise and cost-effective way to digitise physical prototypes, capturing the exact shape and dimensions.

3D Laser Scanner

We use a Creaform portable handheld 3D Laser Scanner, with reverse engineering and 3D model generation capacity and CMMs to produce working CAD models and fully reverse engineer an object from a car to a small part.

We have the capabilities to laser scan in-house or externally on-site, collecting data ready for inspection or production of working CAD models.

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3D Laser Scanning
Crankshaft On Screen