It's a Mini Revolution! The first ever Aluminium block, 5 main bearing engine to suit the Classic Mini is being designed and manufactured using the Hurco machines at A&M EDM in the West Midlands.

This project is the brainchild of A&M EDM Director, Gary Surman. It is something that he has been planning in his head for several years. The additional free time that has been forced upon us all by the Covid restrictions have given Gary the perfect opportunity to bring his dreams to fruition.

There are thousands of Mini enthusiasts worldwide. For many, the attraction of using the latest 16 valve technology and lightweight materials to offer extra power and efficiency is obvious. At the same time, the compact design will be retained, meaning that with a few minor changes, this engine can be used in the MG Midget or Austin Healey, in addition to the A Series Mini platform. Everything is subject to testing, but it is hoped that a power output of 350 BHP or more can be achieved.

A&M EDM has a wide range of Hurco machines that are ideal for this type of work. The aluminium engine block fits perfectly on A&M's 5 axis VMX42Ui machines.

The combination of accuracy and surface finish quality are ideal for this type of prototype work.

A&M are currently building prototypes and are nearing completion of the bespoke conrods and crankshafts. They have asked us to revisit for a progress update as they get nearer to the testing phase.