Portable Generators

Lightweight, multi-fuel generators running on jet fuels, kerosene, gasoline, e85 and alcohol in one engine with no need for ‘starter’ fuels or changing fuel tanks or filters.

Key Features

500 watt ‘backpack’ generator portable power

15 pounds dry weight (without battery pack)

Cold starts on jp-8

No ‘starter’ fuels required

18 inches wide ready to go


Multiple Fuel Types

Jet Fuels, Kerosene, Gasoline

No Starter Fuel Required

Battery Type

8 cell removable pack

Complete with battery management

Start System

Automatic Pushbutton

Circuit Breaker

28 Volt - Push to Reset

Jump Start Function

Yes - 12V Feature in Development


1 x 12 V (Optional)

1 x 28 V 500 W max

2 x USB Port, 1.0 A and 2.1A, IP 66

Portable Generators

Emergency Stop

Main Power Switch

Plug in Charging Unit


Pull Start


Transport Case



IPC 67

Portable Generator 1