A & M Products

Our successful growth as an engineering sub-contractor was based on manufacturing components for a range of sectors including aerospace and automotive. We used R&D to diversify and develop bespoke engine products for specialist applications.

Research, Design, Manufacture, Assemble and Test

Our outstanding engineers and our commitment to continual investment in new CNC machinery, measurement and inspection equipment provided the foundation to research, design, develop, manufacture, assemble and test a series of our own engine products.

Our design engineers have experience in UAV Wankel rotary engines which we manufactured for various customers.  We invested in R&D and built a dedicated engine testing unit to develop our own rotary engine Propulsion Systems.

A+5 Render

Our portfolio of designed and manufactured products:

For UAVs using high power to weight ratio Wankel rotary engines designed and manufactured in-house by A&M

Lightweight, backpack multi-fuel generators for development and disaster relief locations

Classic Mini A+5 high performance aluminium engine block and auxiliaries