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Investing in the best – A&M EDM enjoys period of growth and expansion

A&M EDM is an award-winning engineering solutions company, responsible for manufacturing components for customers in aerospace, automotive and consumer production sectors.

Boasting one of the largest Electrical Discharge Machining (EDM) capabilities in the UK, the business combines new and traditional engineering methods to solve a range of manufacturing challenges, no matter how simple or complex they may be.

Having built an enviable reputation for providing high-profile clients with cost-effective, quality manufacturing solutions, the company has enjoyed substantial recent growth, securing a portfolio of new clients through positive word of mouth and referral.

Securing the funding to aid expansion

Established in 2002 as EDM wire and spark erosion specialists, the company has evolved from a small family-run business at the turn of the millennium into a healthy and successful team of engineering experts.

Growing their team to some 60 dedicated professionals, the Smethwick-based firm has become one of the most well-known manufacturers in the UK, and has a client list that reflects this.

From aerospace and transport clients to professional Formula One teams, A&M EDM currently works alongside some of the world’s biggest brand names, using its expertise to deliver high-quality engineering solutions.

As well as having one of the largest EDM capabilities in the country, the company also has over 60 advanced Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines, with experienced professionals on-hand to operate the equipment.

Whilst committed to investing in the latest manufacturing technology, the company also specialises in the use of manual machining, and has a fully fitted shop staffed by a team with decades of experience in techniques such as cylindrical and surface grinding, turning and milling.

This ability to deliver precision engineering solutions that meet specific client requirements has propelled the business to where they are today, as they continue to secure new contracts and further expand the company.

To meet clients’ growing demands, the company expanded its existing work premises in 2015, opening a 41,000-square-foot factory in Middlemore Road, which tripled the company’s work space, enabling the firm to take on new staff and handle larger contracts for other high-profile clients.

With the help of Sandwell Council, a partner of the Black Country Growth Hub (BCGH), A&M EDM secured a grant totalling £375,000 through Growing Priority Sectors which enabled the business to invest nearly £3m in the new site.

This expansion demonstrates the significant growth of the company, and its position as an industry leader in the world of innovative engineering and manufacturing.

As the firm continues to grow its workforce and expand its service offering, BCGH will continue to support the business, helping A&M EDM implement an effective growth strategy that can help secure new contract wins and drive the company forward.

Investing in the latest equipment

Part of A&M EDM’s success comes from its commitment to improving its product range and investing in the latest machinery and equipment to help deliver the best results possible.

Regularly investing in the latest milling and turning equipment, the company’s attention to detail and preparation has allowed them to progress as one of the best manufacturers in the UK, securing new high-profile business contracts consistently.

The expansion of its premises to a second, 41,000-square-foot factory has allowed for additional CNC machining centres and a turning centre to expand the capacity of the business, supported by two ten tonne cranes to handle the largest items.

"The help A&M EDM Limited has received from Sandwell Council and the Black Country Growth Hub has been instrumental in allowing the company to expand in the way it has.”

Mark Wingfield

Managing Director

This model of continuously upgrading its equipment, as well as expanding its premises to accommodate additional machinery and staff has enabled the business to stay ahead of its competition, and meet growing demands.

Through clear and early communication with clients, the business uses its expertise and state-of-the-art facilities to manufacture high-quality components, spotting any potential issues early and overcoming them effectively.

Developing the next generation of engineers

As well as being committed to improving their offering, A&M EDM also understands the importance of training and developing the next generation of talent through their apprenticeship scheme.

In recent times, the company had two of its most promising apprentices shortlisted for the EEF Midland region apprentice of the year award by the manufacturers’ organisation.

Understanding that the growth and success of their business also depends on the performance of their staff, the business regularly takes on new apprentices, teaching individuals important engineering skills to help them progress within the industry.

Offering apprentices supervised on-the-job training and allowing individuals the responsibility to work on high-profile projects for some of their biggest clients, A&M EDM has not only improved their own workforce, but also set an example to the industry for how to train aspiring engineers.

It is this passion and commitment to perfecting their business that has allowed A&M EDM to grow into the successful engineering company it is today.

With the continued support of BCGH and Sandwell Council, the business will continue to capitalise on its recent success, expanding its workforce and investing in the latest technology to win new contracts, and retain existing high-profile clients.